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Title: Low Contrast Image Segmentation and Enhancement using Histogram Equalization Techniques
Authors: Shubham
Khan, Nafis Uddin [Guided by]
Keywords: Image segmentation
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: With today's imaging technologies, the human eye may only see very little. They may frequently be brought on by a loss of clarity, like atmospheric influences brought on by haze, fog, and other daytime impacts that affect the visuals. Image enhancement techniques are becoming more and more common and helpful in these situations because it is important to clarify and improve the pertinent information obtained under those circumstances in order to identify the objects as well as other useful information. Image enhancement, which is essential for making an image useful for a variety of purposes, including those related to digital photography, medicine, geographic information systems, industrial inspection, law enforcement, and many other digital image applications, is one of the key components of digital image processing. Image augmentation can assist to improve low-quality images. The major goal of this study is to try to improve the quality of digital images using histogram equalization and histogram specification. In this project, we're using various histogram equalization approaches on various sets of photos to see which one produces the greatest results.
Description: Enrollment No. 191408
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