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Title: Disease Detection using IOT from Urine
Authors: Shukla, Prajjwal
Srivastva, Shreyansh
Khan, Nafis Uddin [Guided by]
Keywords: Disease detection
Internet of things
Turbidity sensor
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Regular medical evaluations can lead to early illness identification, speed up the provision of healthcare, and significantly better patient outcomes a wide range of illnesses that have an impact on public health. Technologies that can change the current emergency medical services system preventive, based on evidence, individual-cantered care still have a significant unmet need. Platforms that discover a variety of indicators for health and disease and are convenient to include into people's daily lives are preferred with this goal in mind. However, pee, a biological fluid that is produced in vast amounts every day, can be collected painlessly, doesn't interfere with people's everyday lives, and has the most biologically diverse material, is frequently dumped into sewers without being processed or Pee, on the other hand, is regularly discarded the sewers without being processed or observed despite being a substance produced by living things enormous quantities each day, there collected painlessly, doesn't interfere with people's daily lives, and has the most biologically rich composition.
Description: Enrolment No. 191048, 191044
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