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Title: Corporate Airport Management System Application
Authors: Gautam, Deepali
Singh, Amit Kumar [Guided by]
Keywords: Airport Management System
Angular JS
Hyper Text Markup language
Cascading Style Sheet
Java Server Pages
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: As online service and Web-based computer programs has recently honored with more extremely important and explicitly changed(for improvement) in today world. People have found that nowadays businesses can be managed with more easy and efficient way. Flight services have made a great amount of advantages on internet, as earlier everything was done on telephones only, manually. With modern technology used in flight bookings nowadays, people can view all the flight timings, can see the flight names, their way points and many more. With one click of a button, customers can easily make their bookings in a very efficient way or manner. All the things are done in a well-designed fashion. Records to improve the (quality of being very near to the reality or true number), flexibility, reliability, and to remove the human’s error or mistakes. This project on Airline Management Systemtries to provide some amount of automation in airlines management. The goal or aim of the project is provide airline systems their business procedure more with less waste. It is also believed that automated system is very must, as with quick pace of life everything is changing “more work with less waste”. This is very in Airline Systems.
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