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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Analysis and Design of Highly Directive Microstrip Terahertz Antennas for Wireless Communication SystemsJha, Kumud Ranjan; Singh, Ghanshyam [Guided by]
2009Design and analysis of Multi-frequency Broadband Microstrip AntennasKumar, Pardeep; Singh, Ghanshyam [Guided by]; Bhooshan, Sunil V. [Guided by]
2018Mathematical Modelling of Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Communication SystemsThakur, Prabhat; Singh, Ghanshyam [Guided by]
2020Optimal Threshold Selection of Energy Detection Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio NetworksKumar, Alok; Pandit, Shweta [Guided by]; Singh, Ghanshyam [Guided by]
2011Analysis and Design of Double Pole Four Throw RF Switch by using Novel Mosfet TechnologiesSrivastava, Viranjay Mohan; Singh, Ghanshyam [Guided by]
2015Analysis and Design of Frequency Selective Surface for Transmission in S-band and Reflection in Ku-Ka band for Satellite CommunicationBharti, Garima; Singh, Ghanshyam [Guided by]
2010Analytical Study of Pulse-Shaping and Frequency Allocation for Software Defined RadioSingh, Ajay Kumar; Singh, Ghanshyam [Guided by]
2015Medium Access Control Protocol for Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Communication SystemPandit, Shweta; Singh, Ghanshyam [Guided by]
2018Analysis, Design and Characterization of Small-Gap Photoconductive Dipole Antenna for Terahertz Imaging ApplicationsMalhotra, Isha; Singh, Ghanshyam [Guided by]
2012Energy Sustainable User Centric Framework and Algorithms to Minimize Power Consumption by Personal ComputersGupta, Pradeep Kumar; Singh, Ghanshyam [Guided by]