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Title: Hardware Impementation to Measure Heart-Beat Using Fingertip
Authors: Singla, Priyanka
Gherera, S.P. [Guided by]
Keywords: Fingertip
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Heart rate measurement is one of the most vital parameters of the human cardiovascular system. The heart rate of a healthy adult at rest is around 72 beats per minute (bpm).Heart rate measurement is an important diagnostic tool because it reflects our state of mind and physical condition. So, we are trying to make a project which will be an indication of how healthy our body is, by measuring and monitoring the heart beat. The project presented here uses a fingertip sensor that monitors the heartbeat and displays its value on the LCD connected to the microcontroller. The microcontroller is interfaced with the SIM module for the sole purpose of sending the heartbeat value to the mobile phone when a message is sent by it to the microcontroller. In this way the doctor can simply monitor the condition of his/her patient without actually being in the vicinity of the patient. The measurement of heart rate is used by medical professionals to assist in the diagnosis and tracking of medical conditions. It is also used by individuals, such as athletes, who are interested in monitoring their heart rate to gain maximum efficiency from their training. It can be used as a revolutionary concept in E-health.
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