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Title: Development of Touch-less Fingerprint Recognition System
Authors: Bhasin, Sahil
Garg, Shivani
Gupta, Sonali
Kumar, Rajiv [Guided by]
Keywords: Touch-less
Fingerprint recognition
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: To develop a reliable touch-less fingerprint recognition system in order to overcome the limitations of touch based fingerprint technology for better security purposes. Capturing a 3D image of the finger, recognizing the ridge-valley pattern of the finger and performing different algorithms to extract the basic features like minutiae and then matching it with an already created database. This complete process after capturing an image using a digital camera will take place in three phases, namely, Pre-Processing phase, Feature-Extraction Phase and Matching phase. Why we chose this topic? Rapid growth in computer vision and image processing applications has been evident in recent years. One area of interest in vision and image processing is biometrics. Fingerprint recognition identifies people by using the impressions made by the minute ridge formations or patterns found on the fingertips. Finger printing takes an image of a person's fingertips and records its characteristics - whorls, arches, and loops are recorded along with patterns of ridges, furrows, and minutiae. Information is processed as an image and further encoded as a computer algorithm. Biometric technologies are becoming the foundation of an extensive array of highly secure identification and personal verification solution. As the level of security breaches and transaction fraud increases, the need for highly secure identification and personal verification technologies is becoming apparent.
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