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Title: Settling Column Analysis of Surface Water Source-Chhausha River
Authors: Gurung, Akal Singh
Ahluwalia, Abhishek
Rana, Rishi [Guided by]
Keywords: Surface water source
Settling Column
Chhausha River
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Surface water sources such as rivers, streams and lakes contain suspended solids which are settable and colloidal in nature. The presence of the suspended solids, increase in the level of turbidity along with presence of few coloring reagents makes the water malicious. These suspended solids make water unacceptable for drinking and industrial use. Therefore, for healthy and pure drinking water, separation of solid particles is required through method of gravity settlement. In the present study, the phenomenon of gravity settling for discrete particles in dilute suspensions i.e. Type-I and Type-II settling are analyzed. Water sample was collected from different locations of River Chhausha in Podhna village, Domehar near Jaypee University of Information Technology. Water samples are subjected to Type-I and Type-II settling using Settling Columns. Iso-removal lines for Type-II settling and plot between mass fractions remaining vs. settling velocity for Type-I are drawn, which helps us about knowing the settling characteristics of water sample collected from different location of the surface water source. Based on the results and data collected through the experiments and literatures from different studies, the design for rectangular tank is carried out. In our university lab, we have only Cylindrical settling column for the analysis. Hence, for future purpose of studies, rectangular sedimentation tank will be much useful because they are least likely to short circuit and easy to construct and use. In circular tanks due to many dead ends, stagnation of water occurs in pipes due to which the designing of the rectangular sedimentation tank for clarification of water is needed. Our designed work is much more accurate in obtaining results and have low maintenance cost. It is economically feasible because determination of pressure and discharges in rectangular sedimentation tank is easier due to less number of valves.
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