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Title: Smart Billing and Retail System
Authors: Sahay, Apurva
Ghrera, Satya Prakash [Guided by]
Keywords: Billing
Retail system
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: In the Internet of Things (IoT), devices gather and share information directly with each other and the cloud, making it possible to collect, record and analyze new data streams faster and more accurately. The rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology makes it possible for connecting various smart objects together through the Internet and providing more data interoperability methods for application purpose. Recent research shows more potential applications of IoT in information intensive industrial sectors such as commercial services. In this project, we present an IoT-based system for smart and efficient point of sale system to demonstrate how to collect, integrate, and interoperate IoT data flexibly in order to provide new realms to commercial services. The IoT has already brought in significant changes in many areas of ecommerce. It is rapidly changing the commercial scenario by focusing on the way people, devices and apps are connected and interact with each other. Shopping is a very common and important activity. People these days prefer big retail stores, shopping malls and supermarkets rather than the common small scale grocery shops as these multi-product, multi-brand retailers serve as a one stop solution to shopping. A very common observation is that at these supermarkets people use shopping carts and trolleys to buy products and then have to get into big queues to get there purchased items billed for payments. This is both time consuming and irritating, and with the ever increasing number of people turning towards supermarkets this problem is going to grow by leaps and bounds. Therefore we through our project present a solution to this problem which would save time and would be very convenient to use. We have designed an IoT based retail & billing system which would be installed in the shopping cart along with a RFID scanner. Products marked with RFID tags would get scanned as soon as they are put into the cart and the billing would be done automatically as soon as the customer exits the through the payment terminal. The payment can be made through any e- payment method. This system would also provide a web portal for both customers and shopkeepers from where they can easily keep track of their expenses and sales respectively, and also shopkeepers would be able to track inventories. Records and Analysis of all the expenditures would be available to both type of users.
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