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Title: Implementing Cloud Scheduling Algorithm For Resource Allocation
Authors: Verma, Dheeraj
Bhatt, Ravindara [Guided by]
Keywords: Cloud computing
Resource allocation
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Cloud computing has been proved as best solution for tasks that require high computation. This technology now has been accepted by many industrial giants of software industry. As most of the organization wants to cut off their hardware cost by using virtual resources instead of using actual hardware infrastructure which has to be installed by one company which is going to use that and it comes out to be very costly as compared to the virtual system. So in the past decade the cloud computing has flourished so much that now mostly every work is done on cloud. But still cloud computing is facing various challenges in areas of virtual machine mapping to physical machines so that the tasks can be done efficiently. Virtual machine ordering on physical machine resources is still an area which require a lot of attention We are going to use dynamic computing is applied to virtual machine placement to minimize the number of active physical servers, so as to schedule those servers which are not utilized up to their maximum so that energy can be saved. In our project we have studied all the persisting algorithms static ones like round robin, max-min etc. We have also seen the efficient performance given by ant colony system (ACS) algorithm so we will try to combine other approaches like order exchange mechanism so that better results can be achieved by next algorithm.
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