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Title: Identification of Novel Inhibitors against Helicobacter pylori and Campylobacter jejuni
Authors: Kumar, Bhushan
Bansal, Saurabh [Guided by]
Keywords: Helicobacter pylori
Campylobacter jejuni
Aristolochic acid
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: This project work seeks to identify new inhibitor molecules which are capable of inhibiting the pathogenic activity of two closely related microbes, namely Helicobacter pylori and Campylobacter pylori. For the same, on the basis of literature survey and computational approach, the possible target i.e. Outer Membrane Phospholipase A (OMPLA) for both the pathogens were identified. Through virtually screening of the potential inhibitors against target i.e. OMPLA were selected on the basis of having minimum binding energy and maximum stability. The current study suggested that Aristolochic acid and Bromophenacyl bromide might be the potential drug molecules against both the pathogens by virtue of their inhibiting capacity of OMPLA.
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