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Title: Web Hosting Portal Implementation
Authors: Mahesh
Jain, Pooja [Guided by]
Keywords: Website hosting
Domain name system
IP address
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: This project is about implementing the web hosting service portal that is able to provide the hosting solutions through the world so that small business can grow that can’t efford the high cost of hosting solutions. The Project includes highly secure authentication system. The authentication system that can’t be bypassed by anybody. System also include the file manager so that the registered user can upload their website contents and can manage it. The file manager provide all the basic functionalities like delete the unnecessary files, rename the files, able to create the new files and folders with some kind of restrictions like user is not able to create the .exe file for security reasons. Project includes the email sending system that sends the email to the user on his registered email id whenever some kind of security violation is there. The email sending system is capable to send email to the user whenever user request for forgot password. The authentication system keep track of every login attempt and its failure of login attempt in database. The System also keep track of forgot password system that how many time the the forgot password is called. If the System found that forgot password is called unnecessary the system will lock down the particular it and send the security alert on his registered email id
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