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Title: Data Compression Algorithms and Techniques
Authors: Srivastava, Ankit
Ghrera, Satya Prakash [Guided by]
Keywords: Data compression
Data processing
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Under this Project Report on “Data Compression Algorithms sand Techniques”, the aim is to survey of various Data Compression techniques known till date and understanding their working and how they actually contribute towards compression of data, since data compression is being widely used these days in almost every field related with computer science. Either it be data communication ,data storage or the expensive cost associated with the consumption of expensive resources like disc space or connection bandwidth data with lesser bytes is needed everywhere. Within this project work although thorough study has been done on various Data Compression Algorithms but as far as implementation is concerned we have limited our work for the Algorithms that provide Lossless Data Compression. Data compression may be viewed as a branch of information theory in which the primary objective is to minimize the amount of data to be transmitted. The purpose of this paper is to present and analyze a variety of data compression algorithms. A simple characterization of data compression is that it involves transforming a string of characters in some representation (into any form) into a new string (of bits, for example) which contains the same information but whose length is as small as possible. Data compression has important application in the areas of data transmission and data storage.
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