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dc.contributor.authorBhaskar, Rishabh-
dc.contributor.authorShukla, Shailendra [Guided by]-
dc.description.abstractWiFi Direct File Transfer is an open source application that will enable sharing of data between Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher using a WiFi direct connection without the use of a separate WiFi access point.This will enable data transfer between devices without relying on any existing network infrastructure. This application is intended to provide a much higher speed alternative to Bluetooth file transfer. There will be a client and a server i.e. the two devices that are connected through wifi direct. Once the connection is established, you can transfer data through sockets. Send data from the client to the server. When the client socket successfully connects to the server socket, you can send data from the client to the server with byte streams. When a connection happens, the server device can receive the data from the client. Carry out any actions with this data, such as saving it to a file or presenting it to the user. Another prospect of this project is implementing a bloom filter in the app so as to expedite the selection of files to be exchanged. The files from the devices will be hashed into a bloom filter and then, a comparison will be made between the files present in the two devices and the missing files in the receiving device will be transferred to it.en_US
dc.publisherJaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.en_US
dc.subjectWiFi Directen_US
dc.titleAndroid App for File Transfer: using a bloom filteren_US
dc.typeProject Reporten_US
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