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Title: Improvement of Confinement and Ductility of Circular Column
Authors: Sharma, Awaz Dutt
Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
Keywords: Reinforced cement concrete
Circular column
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Conventional steel tied reinforcement may not provide superior confinement for reinforced cement concrete columns (RCC). Based on different experimental observations and theoretical literature review many materials like FRP, WWF etc. were used as reinforcements to increase the load bearing capacity and ductility of the structural members. So, one such material welded wire mesh (WWM) we have used in this project work in order to improve the confinement and ductility. This whole project aims to define how confinement and improvement in confinement will help compression members (Circular column) to increase their ductility. So, we used a welded wire mesh in addition to the previous reinforcement. Sample used were categorized in two categories, samples confined using conventional methods and others with improved confinement. Firstly, we prepared the samples using conventional methods, and then testing was done. Then we prepared the same samples by using additional reinforcement i.e. using WWM. A layer of welded wire mesh was warped on the outer periphery of the longitudinal reinforcement and then further casting and testing was done. The samples were casted in mould, de-moulded after a time interval and they were cured for a certain time interval and then were being tested under axial loading till failure. After all this result of those in which confinement was improved were compared with that of samples made up by using additional WWM.
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