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Title: Utilization of Waste Material in Construction of Cool Pavements
Authors: Thakur, Mohit
Boora, Amardeep [Guided by]
Keywords: Rigid pavements
Marble powder
Bright colored aggregates
Cool pavements
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Fast & improper development in urban areas is remarkably expanding because of the aspects to accomplish social requirements. Without recognizing, this method comprises the mitigation of energy equilibrium of the Earth. Therefore, improper development or development without planning will create many problems which are going to affect the health, quality & luxury of adjacent communities. The everyday intimation of such ecological issues is the Urban-Heat-Island event. Building structures & pavements in urban areas are made up of low reflective power materials which ultimately can captivate great amount of heat from solar radiations & then deliver it back to the surroundings at nighttime. There are several studies that have been conceded out to look for a new expertise that can help in lessening the urban-heat-island effect (UHI). Reduction in urban-heat-island effect can be attained by (1) growing perviousness to actuate cooling effect through evaporation; (2) reducing uproar heat by composite structure; (3) cumulating the surface reflection-factor of roadway to decrease heat tapping & amassing. Due to the effect of heat island in accumulation to the universal climatic variation, rises the urban temperature & hence increases the temperature of heat waves. Thus the construction materials plays very important role at balancing & maintaining the urban environment. In this particular study, usage of waste marble powder as a partial constituent in construction of cool rigid pavement affected the surface & inner pavement temperature by 8.38 % & 5.04 % if considered percentage reduction. The average reduction in surface temperature is 2.930C & the average reduction in inner pavement temperature is 1.6oC.
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