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Title: Time Delay in Road Construction Project
Authors: Bansal, Vivek
Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
Keywords: Factor contributing delay
Effects of delay
Conquer the effect
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Defer in construction industry is a global issue that occurs in most of the projects due to various causes, particular individual etc. The major objective of this research is to identify the most & least critical factor contributing delay in ongoing Parwanoo-Solan four laning road construction projects by doing a case study on it. Through profound analysing techniques the reason of delay are spot, make a possible recommendations and suggestions in order to conquer the effect of spotted defer causes that extend the duration of project and also predict the most severe factors that affect the project in future. The techniques use for analysis is RII & AI for the ranking of delay causes and SPSS is use for statistical analysis. The major factors that causes defer are due to terrible topographical region, designer, owner and contractor. The most critical delay were effect of sub-surface conditions (soil, rock, water table etc.), design disputes / errors, deliver the furnish site to the contractor, delay in resource allocation, indecent planning and scheduling, strikes and so on. The terrible effects of delay due to these causes were the incremental overall project cost, wastage of time due to postponement of activities at site, resource and problem in resource allocation etc. we can only reduce the effective delay and defer cannot be entirely eliminated, it can control or minimize by improving the management skills & understanding individual responsibilities towards their duty.
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