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Title: Inter Vehicular Communication (IVC) for Next Generation Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
Authors: Sharma, Ishani
Bhatt, Ravindara [Guided by]
Keywords: VANET
Intelligent transportation system
Urban environment
Vehicular adhoc network architecture
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: VANET is a highly dynamic environment. Traditional routing protocols results in degraded performance. We proposed algorithm which are based on two topologies that are urban topology and highway topology in which carry forwarding mechanism for vehicular networks are used to send the packets from source to destination. In the algorithm, a message sender can select the best node among its neighbours with the help of on board vehicle algorithm so that it can send the message fastest to the destination nodes. Each node keeps on updating its position and velocity at each instance of time. Together with the current velocity and location we compute the predicted velocity by using two prediction techniques that are simple exponential smoothing and other technique is simple n average. Than the score of each node is computed which comes within the transmission range. Than the node with maximum score is selected to forward the packet. The score computation method is also been compared with the greedy method and the random approach. The packets are forwarded from source to destination as fast as possible by using the hops.
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