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Title: Meta-analysis on Tnf-a -308 G or a Polymorphism in Genetic Susceptibility to Vitiligo
Authors: Sharma, Leeza
Vashistt, Jitendraa [Guided by]
Keywords: Skin- Melanocyte
TNF a 308 G/A
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Vitiligo a chronic common skin-related disorder in human beings it is a depigmentation disease acquired during the lifestyle of an individual, resulting in milky white patches on body surface with the distribution of 1% worldwide cases and 8.8% in Indian (Gujarat and Rajasthan) population [1]. Vitiligo word was first coined by Celsus, derived from Latin origin which means blemish or defect in an area. It is caused mainly by the malfunctioning of melanocytes, and other causative reasons are still under debate [2]. Melanocytes are a heterogeneous group of cells that originated from neural crest cells, these are located on hair follicles and epidermis of the skin. The function of melanocyte is the production of melanin [3]. The disturbance in melanogenesis and the formation of white patches on leision sites are due to the selectively and demanding damage of the melanocyte inside the epidermis of the skin.
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