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Title: Industrial Training at Magbro Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Authors: Kumari, Rishu
Sharma, Rishpa [Guided by]
Shankar, Jata [Guided by]
Keywords: Magbro Healthcare
Magbro pharmaceutical
Double cone blender
Leak test applies
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Pharmaceutical industry is a “Life Saving Industry”. It provides the platform for the conversion of drugs in suitable doses form and medicinal articles, which have a significant role in treatment, mitigation, prevention and cure of varies diseases. Science is evidence just as houses are made of so as science made of facts but a pile of stones and not a house and a group of facts is not necessarily science. A pharmaceutical manufacturing unit is a premise where a group of skilled & non skilled person work under the supervision of an experienced directorate so that efficient therapeutically effective least toxic formulation of the drugs may get prepared to serve the community in a sense to make it healthy and growing and hence to make this beautiful world persistent forever. MAGBRO HEALTH CARE Pvt. Ltd is one of the pharmaceutical manufacturing units which have owed to carry over the above responsibilities with complete awareness and honesty. Main products of Magbro Healthcare Pharmaceutical in their Solid & Liquid Department are-Tablet, Capsule, syrup, Ointment, Shampoo etc.
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