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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20174th IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing , Computing and ControlJain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi
20195th IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing , Computing and ControlNigam, Madhav J.; Jain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi
2020Advances in Computational Intelligence TechniquesJain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi; Paul, Sudip
2015Analysis and Classification of EEG Signals for Detection of Epileptic SeizuresSood, Meenakshi; Bhooshan, Sunil V. [Guided by]
2019Analysis of Graph Cut Technique for Medical Image SegmentationDogra, Jyotsna; Jain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi
2019Automated Optical Disc Segmentation and Blood Vessel Extraction for Fundus Images Using Ophthalmic Image ProcessingBhardwaj, Charu; Jain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi
2013Automated Railways Collision Avoidance System Using Wireless NetworksChadha, Amit Bir Singh; Goyal, Abhishek; Verma, Davisha; Sood, Meenakshi
2019Automatic Blood Vessel Extraction of Fundus Images Employing Fuzzy ApproachBhardwaj, Charu; Jain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi
2014Automatic Processing of EEG signals for Seizure Detection using Soft Computing TechniquesSood, Meenakshi; Bhooshan, Sunil V.
2019A Block Adaptive Near-Lossless Compression Algorithm for Medical Image Sequences and Diagnostic Quality AssessmentSharma, Urvashi; Sood, Meenakshi; Puthooran, Emjee
2020A Block-Based Arithmetic Entropy Encoding Scheme for Medical ImagesSharma, Urvashi; Sood, Meenakshi; Puthooran, Emjee; Kumar, Yugal
2014Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Prediction of Epilepsy by Neurophysiological EEG SignalsSood, Meenakshi; Kumar, Vinay; Bhooshan, S.V.
2019Computer Aided Hierarchal Lesion Classification for Diabetic Retinopathy AbnormalitiesBhardwaj, Charu; Jain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi
2021Deep Learning–Based Diabetic Retinopathy Severity Grading System Employing Quadrant Ensemble ModelBhardwaj, Charu; Jain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi
2014Design and Development of Prediction Model to Detect Seizure Activity Utilizing Higher Order Statistical Features of EEG signals.Sood, Meenakshi; Bhooshan, Sunil V
2019Design and Performance Analysis of Cascade Digital Filter for ECG Signal ProcessingPrashar, Navdeep; Sood, Meenakshi; Jain, Shruti
2019Ensemble Classifier Framework for Epileptic Seizure Classification of EEG SignalsSood, Meenakshi; Jain, Shruti
2019Glioma Classification of MR Brain Tumor Employing Machine LearningDogra, Jyotsna; Jain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi
2019Gradient-based kernel selection technique for tumour detection and extraction of medical images using graph cutDogra, Jyotsna; Jain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi
2020Hierarchical severity grade classification of non‑proliferative diabetic retinopathyBhardwaj, Charu; Jain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi