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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analysis of Bio-Molecules for System Level Understanding of Alzheimer's DiseasePanigrahi, Priya Pradayani; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2021Analysis of Various Market Research Services with Special Focus on Title Generation Through Use CasesChauhan, Aakriti; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]; Bakare, Shreeja [Guided by]
2014Annotation of Biological Systems using Top down approach of Systems BiologyGupta, Rajinder; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2020Business Development – Kratikal Tech. Pvt. Ltd.Pokhriyal, Medhavi; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2016Computational Analysis & Development of a Web Based Database for Functional EnrichmentChadha, Arsh; Jain, Aayushi; Thakur, Taruna; Singh, Vasundhra; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2019Computational Analysis of Gene Expression and Pathway Data for Colorectal CancerThakur, Shorya Singh; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2018Computational Enrichment Analysis and Development of a Web Based Database of Alzheimer’s Associated Human Mitochondrial Genes using Comparative Expression ApproachKalra, Siddhant; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2022Computational Investigations and Experimental Validation of Alzheimer’s Disease Related Pathways With Special Relevance to Dna Repair and AutophagyDe, Tiyasha; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]; M., Udaybanu [Guided by]
2018Computational Mining of Genomic and Proteomic Data to Gain Insight for Alzheimer's Disease (AD)Kumar, Ashwani; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2015Computational Studies for the Identification and Analysis of Candidate Biomarkers for Human Diseases Implicated in DNA Repair SystemSehgal, Manika; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2020Computational Studies to Analyze DNA Methylation Alterations in Alzheimer’s DiseaseAngra, Disha; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2021Computational Studies to Investigate DNA Repair Mechanism and Mutations Involved in Lung CancerMishra, Aagam; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2018Computational Studies to Investigate Human DNA Repair Associated Malignancies with Special Relevance to Colorectal CancerShukla, Ankita; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2021Database on Epigenetics of Alzheimer's DiseaseSharma, Anjali; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2014Development of a Database on Mitochondrial Gene Order, Rearrangement Events and Their Evolutionary ImplicationsArora, Harpriya; Srivastav, Aakanksha; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2016Development of a Knowledgebase for Various Cancer Types Through System LevelKapoor, Satyam; Srivastava, Tuhina; Singh, Sheena; Thakur, Shubham; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2020Development of a Machine Learning Base Prediction Tool for Microtubule Associated and Binding ProteinsAgnihotri, Vidushi; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2023Development of Application For Bio -Medical and Health Data Using ML Approaches to Predict Health ConditionsSinha, Harshit; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2021Development of Artificial Intelligence Based Application for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's DiseaseKapoor, Muskan; Kapoor, Mehak; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2019Development of Computational Pipeline and Framework for Differential and Co-Expression Networks AnalysisBansal, Ankush; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]; Chauhan, Rajinder Singh [Guided by]