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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis of Chirp and Multi-component Signals Using Signal Processing MethodsSharma, Jitain; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2019Apple Grading using Image ProcessingThakur, Aditya; Kumar, Mahesh; Thakur, Nikhil; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2023Applications of Signal Processing, Computational Techniques in Bioinformatics and BiotechnologyDivyansu; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]; Hooda, Diksha [Guided by]
2021Classification of Audio Signals Using STFTSapehia, Akhilesh; Sood, Ritwik; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2021Classification of Cancerous and Non-Cancerous DNA Sequences using DSP Based MethodSrivastava, Anupam; Jajodia, Saumya; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2023Classification of Covid-19 and Covid Variants using DNA Sequence Using Short Time Fourier TransformKhanna, Gaurang; Rana, Anjali; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2020CoreRana, Harshita; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2022Detection and Localization of Hidden Patterns in DNA Sequences Using Signal ProcessingGarg, Pardeep; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2019Diagnosis of Respiratory Disease using Signal Processing and Machine LearningMittal, Reetika; Dang, Sanchit; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2018Evaluation of Empirical Wavelet Transforms for Glaucoma Detection Using Fundus ImagesKaushal, Shilpa; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2023Heart Disease Prediction using Machine learning algorithmsGupta, Riya; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]; Kumar, Yugal [Guided by]
2017Identification of Secondary Structure Elements in miRNA using Signal Processing MethodSingh, Nancy; Yennamall, Ragothaman M [Guided by]; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2023Max Fit Event Management Application using SalesforceKumar, Aman; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]; Kumar, Yugal [Guided by]
2017Performance Analysis of Signal Processing Based Periodicity Mining ToolsRangta, Gaurav; Mehrotra, Soumitra; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2023Signal Processing and Feature Engineering of Respiratory DiseaseVerma, Priya; Yadav, Ajay; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]; Hooda, Diksha [Guided by]
2016Study of the Applicationas of Discrete Linear Chirp TransformThakur, Vivek; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2023Visitor Management WebsiteBhardwaj, Tarun; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]; Hooda, Diksha [Guided by]