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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017AI College Phonebook and Automatic NotificationGill, Prashant; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2016Android CommunicationGarg, Piyush; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2016Android Hardware ManagementParmar, Shashank; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2017Android Portal between Students and TeachersGarg, Vishal; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2016Android Security: Security using Encryption (AES)Amola, Abhishek; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2014Application of Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithms-KD TreeGarg, Deepti; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2014Application of Approximate Nearest Neighbour Search Algorithm- Locality Sensitive HashingMahajan, Shalagha; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2015Auto Recognizing System for Dice GamesSingh, Neeraj; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2015Automated Essay Scoring SystemGupta, Akash; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2016Braille Code Reader android graphics moduleBarman, Dipto; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2017College Enterprise Resource Planning SystemVyas, Neelkanth; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2014Cracking Captcha Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans ApartSingh, Kanika; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2014Cross Platform Media Center (Audio Module)Jain, Vardhan; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2014Cross Platform Media Center (Video and LAN Chat Module)Modi, Piyush; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2019Face Recognition using Machine LearningRaizada, Shikhar; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2012Mahawar in OpenGLGupta, Anshul; Kalwaniyan, Jitendra; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2015Matrix Approximation Algorithms and Its ApplicationsPatel, Lokendra Singh; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2014Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithms in MapReduce Framework on HadoopSharma, Mohit; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2015Ranking and Related Aspects in Metabolic Networks ProfileSharma, Pryanka; Saha, Suman [Guided by]; Chanumolu, Sree Krishna [Guided by]
2015Ranking Spatial Data by Quality PreferencesSharma, Siddharth; Saha, Suman [Guided by]