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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Access Control Mechanism for Prevention of insider Threat in Distributed Cloud EnvironmentGaurav Deep; Sidhu, Jagpreet Singh [Guided by]; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2016Anaphora Resolution in HindiAshima; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2017Android Application - RedLifeSmily; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2019Bug Summarization, Severity Classification and Assignment for Automated Bug Resolution ProcessAshima; Kumar, Yugal [Guided by]; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2020Business Development : SalesSharma, Vaishali; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2023Data Pipelining for Incoming Asynchronous StreamPachauri, Aishani; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2023Database Comparison ProjectChaturvedi, Rohan; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2023Designing an Expert System for Diabetic Prediction using Cloud ComputingChugh, Aryan; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2023Development of Application For Bio -Medical and Health Data Using ML Approaches to Predict Health ConditionsSinha, Harshit; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2023Diabetic Prediction using Devops CI,CD PipelineBhatnagar, Utkarsh; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2016Email Security and Text SummarizationPruthi, Tanvi; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2020Essay Tone DetectorGarg, Shivam; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2017Fake Review DetectionVaidya, Radhika; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2023Healthcare Data PipelineDabral, Shivam; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2019Holistic Multilingual Sentiment Analysis on Reviews in Social MediaKaur, Sukhnandan; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2015Implementation of Distributed Shared Whiteboard Using Web Socket ProtocolAditya, Kush; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2023Job Scheduling on Fog Computing Infrastructure based on QoS ParametersTiwari, Achyut; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2015Managing E Medicare Database Using Hadoop Distributed FilesystemMahajan, Aanchal; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2014Mining Online Reviews for Predicting Sales PerformanceGarg, Kritesh; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2014Mining Online Reviews for Predicting Sales Performance (2)Kumar, Saurabh; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]