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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Analysis of Biogas Production From Municipal Solid Waste and Its Up-gradation Through a Low-cost MethodSharma, Aaina; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2017Biogas Generation from Sludge Co-digested with Pine NeedlesKumari, Ankita; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2020Biogas Production for Sustainable Energy Generation in Rural Himachal Pradesh Using One Stage Portable DigesterChoudhary, Ankur; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2016Biogas Production Using Different Substrates Pine Needles and Cow DungDevi, Ruchi; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2016Bioleaching of Glod from Obsolete Mobile SIM CardsSahni, Aditya; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2018Bioleaching of Gold and Silver From Mobile Phone Printed Circuit Boards (Mppcbs) Using Pseudomonas Balearica SAE1Thakur, Shivani; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2018Bioleaching of Metals (Cu, Au, and Ag) from Waste Computer Printed Circuit Boards using Cyanogenic MicroorganismsKumar, Anil; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2017Bioprospecting of Thermostable Xylanases for Lignocellulosic Biomass ConversionSethi, Pragya; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2014Detection of Coliform Bacteria in Drinking Water Supply of Shimla CityBatta, Radhika; Rajput, Akansha; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2020Development of Environmental Friendly Approach Towards the Usage of Sanitary NapkinGhosh, Shubhangi; Mehta, Saniya; Chaudhaury, Abhishek [Guided by]; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2019Expression analysis of Crz1 and Rho-GDP of Aspergillus flavus during Interaction with Triticum aestivumSrivastava, Swati; Pradhan, Subhashree; Jata Shankar [Guided by]; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2015Isolation and Characterization of Cellulose Degrading Bacteria From Hot SpringsManohar, Vasantha; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2021Methane Emission Estimation From Apple PomacePanchal, Natasha; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2021Monitoring of fecal coliform bacteria and plant growth promotingPriyadarsini, Chinmayee; Rastogi, Gurdeep [Guided by]; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2021Optimization of metal leaching bacteria and to characterize their protein expression, pathways using in silico approachSingh, Shivangini; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]; Jata Shankar [Guided by]
2019Production, Characterization and Immobilization of Thermo-Alkali-Stable Xylanase from Geobacillus Thermodenitrificans X1 and its Application in Paper Pulp Bio-BleachingVerma, Ritika; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2016Screening of Xylanolytic Bacteria from Manure SampleGupta, Kriti; Midha, Ashima; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2013Studies on Certain Essential Minerals Status and Heavy Metals Presence in Soil, Plant, Water, and Animals at High Altitude Cold Arid EnvironmentGuru Charan; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2014Study of Second and Third Generation Biofuel feed StocksZainab; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2018Utilization of food waste and pine needle for generation of methaneRatol, Amit; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]