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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Automated Room Energy Control SystemAhuja, Gaurav; Gupta, Nalin; Mahendra, Akarsh; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2009Automated Train Transit SystemAggarwal, Samarth; Jain, Niket; Gulathi, Shaurya; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2016Automatic Street Light SystemKhatri, Kartik; Prakash, Jai; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2017Design and Implementation of Clustering Algorithm for Big Data AnalyticsThakur, Parminder Singh; Sharma, Ankit; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2017Design of a 2D Planar Sensor Antenna for Localization of RFID TagThakur, Archana; Sharma, Ashwani [Guided by]; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2014Design of LC-3 MicrocontrollerSingl, Mohit; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2014Desktop Application: ATM Interface DesignGupta, Raghav; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2024Early Identification and Classification of Thyroid Nodule in Medical Ultrasound ImagesSrivastava, Rajshree; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2015Electronic Blind Aid ProjectBansal, Twinkle; Baweja, Sumit; Kapil, Adarsh; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2021Face Detection and Recognition SystemBhargava, Shivam; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2017Implementation of Methods of Stream MiningGehlot, Abhimanyu Singh; Kumar, Rishav; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2014Intelligent Intrusion Detection SystemGoyal, Rahul; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2015Microcontroller Based Serial Data Transfer to PCVerma, Anubhav; Bahl, Kartikeya; Gupta, Nirav; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2014Object Detection and Path TrackingGupta, Nishit; Gujral, Shivam; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2014Page Rank Implementation in Search EnginePrateek, Umang; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2014Ray Tracing Using JAVAMayank; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2009Rule Discovery using Decision TreeJain, Priyank; Modi, Anchal; Garg, Rahul Kumar; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]; Chandra, Satish [Guided by]
2014Search Engine OptimizationSharma, Parul; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]
2015Touch Screen Based Home Automation SystemGoyal, Sahil; Chaudhry, Shikha; Ansari, Saif; Kumar, Pradeep [Guided by]