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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Analysis of Biogas Production From Municipal Solid Waste and Its Up-gradation Through a Low-cost MethodSharma, Aaina; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2017Biogas Generation from Sludge Co-digested with Pine NeedlesKumari, Ankita; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2020Biogas production by pine needles co-digested with food waste through anaerobic digestionPathania, Piyush; Katoch, Gunjan; Thakur, Nitin; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2020Biogas Production for Sustainable Energy Generation in Rural Himachal Pradesh Using One Stage Portable DigesterChoudhary, Ankur; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2016Biogas Production Using Different Substrates Pine Needles and Cow DungDevi, Ruchi; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]; Kumar, Sudhir [Guided by]
2020Business Development: Sales and Marketing via B2C ModelKumar, Nikhil; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2016Comparative Study of Flow Field around the Circular Pier placed in Rigid BedAli, Mohd; Singh, Adarsh Pratap; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2015Comparitive Study of Flow Field Around Circular Uniform Pier in Scour Hole With That Around the Circular Uniform Pier Placed in Rigid BedPandit, Hari Krishan; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2015Crumb Rubber Modified BitumenYuvaraj; Garg, Akshay; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2021Design and Analysis of Framed Steel Structure for WarehouseGoel, Hemant; Kumar, Rohit; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2021Design and Cost Estimation of Hostel BuildingSharma, Shekhar; Roy, Aviral; Thakur, Akshit; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2015Design of Hostel BuildingSingh, Abhishek; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2014Design of Multi-Storeyed Library BuildingSharma, Vinay; Kansal, Aryan; Agarwal, Umang; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2019Determination and Optimization of Biomethane Potential of Organic Substrates using Anaerobic DigestionSharma, Sachin; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2019Effect of Metakalion and Fly Ash on Properties of ConcreteSankhyan, Pankaj; Verma, Rahul; Dhankhar, Sumit; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2014Effect of Pier Spacing on Scour DepthDeepak, Deepak; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2014Effect of Stone Dust Admixture on Strength Of SoilGoyal, Arpit; Thakur, Neeraj; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2015Effect of Stream-wise Spacing of Bridge Pier on Local Scour Depth of Circular Piers A ProjectKumar, Parveen; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]
2015Feasibility of Sidewalk Along the Ambala Shimla National Highway No 5 at Shoghi Shimla Himachal Pradesh: design and analysisSharma, Akshay; Sharma, Pankaj; Wangdi, Jigme; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]; Mohan, Mani [Guided by]
2017Flow characteristics within the scour hole around inclined circular bridge pierSharma, Gaurav; Kumar, Praveen; Kumar, Ashish [Guided by]