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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis and Classification of Kidney Focal Lesions From B-mode Ultrasound ImagesRana, Shailja; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2020An Automatic Glioma Detection and Extraction Framework for the Removal of Shrinkage in SegmentationDogra, Jyotsna; Sood, Meenakshi [Guided by]; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2016Classification of Breast Lesions Using Feature Extraction TechniquesBhusri, Sahil; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2017Classification of Lung Carcinoma using Texture Features of Ultrasound ImagesDeep, Aman; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2019Comparative Analysis of Various Image Fusion Techniques on Multi-sensor and Medical ImagesVijan, Anish; Dubey, Parth; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2020A Computational Framework for Diabetic Retinopathy Severity Grading Categorization using Ophthalmic Image ProcessingBhardwaj, Charu; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]; Sood, Meenakshi [Guided by]
2021Deep Learning-Based Severity Prediction for Diabetic RetinopathySaxena, Sanket; Sinha, Shivam; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2016Design and Simulation of Membership Functions for Fuzzification Module of Fuzzy SystemGoyal, Paras; Arora, Sachin; Sharma, Dalchand; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2020Design and Simulation of Optimum Digital Filters Using LabviewSrivastava, Shailu; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2021Detection of Cerebrovascular Diseases Employing Novel Fusion TechniquePal, Bandana; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2021Electrocardiogram Analysis for Robust Optimal Thresholding System DesignPrashar, Navdeep; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]; Sood, Meenakshi [Guided by]
2022Energy Efficient Approximate Architecture for Error Tolerant ApplicationsThakur, Garima; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]; Sohal, Harsh [Guided by]
2015Energy Harvesting Using Thermoelectric MaterialsAfsar, Aastha; Chauhan, Rohit; Varma, Somya; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2018Evaluation of Empirical Wavelet Transforms for Glaucoma Detection Using Fundus ImagesKaushal, Shilpa; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]; Sharma, Sunil Datt [Guided by]
2017Fpga Implementation and Cad System of Electrocardiography for Bipolar Leads Using Haar Wavelet TransformationVerma, Priya; Bansal, Nikita; Thakur, Kanika; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2016FPGA Implementation of AM-FMPatial, Shruti; Gautam, Aditi Prabha; Ujjawal, Dhruv Raj Singh; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2017FPGA Implementation of Arithmetic Operations Using Quaternary Signed DigitRadhika; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2016Hardware Optimization & Cad System of an Electrocardiograph Circuit for Lead IIDubey, Shwetanjali; Singh, Ambesh Kumar; Dhiman, Akanksha; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]
2018High Speed Radix-2 Butterfly Structure Using Novel Wallace MultiplerThakur, Garima; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]; Sohal, Harsh [Guided by]
2009HIMGLANCER- A Software Application for Tourism IndustryKumar, Vikash; Dabda, Ankit; Jain, Mukul; Gupta, Kompal; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]