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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Amazon OperationsChaturvedi, Nupur; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2017Analysis of Electrogastrogram SignalGoel, Saloni; Garg, Kirti; Gupta, Shubham; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2019Analysis of Window Length Variation of Short-Time Fourier Transform In Various ApplicationsGupta, Akriti; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2016Automated Car Parking SystemSharma, Utkarsh; Gupta, Gaurav; Garg, Akash; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2016Automated Traffic Control System With Emergency Vehicle Override Using Arduino UnoVerma:, Girish; Taneja, Rashi; Modi, Akshay; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2015Bluetooth Digital LockSingh, Siddharth; Maheshwari, Gaurav; Ahuja, Ashish; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2015GSM Based Alcohol Detection System with Vehicle ControlChauhan, Amulya; Singh, Karan Bir; Singh, Abhishek; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2016GSM Based LCD Notice Board DisplayJamalta, Ayush; Gupta, Abhishek; Sood, Kritika; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2013Image Enhancement Using Nonlinear TechniquesSingh, Simandeep; Agarwal, Arjun; James, Kevin; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2017Implementation and Development of Signal Processing Tools for Genomic dataSharma, Sanyogita; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2017Implementation and Development of the DSP Algorithm for Splice Site Prediction in DNA SequenceSandal, Kanika; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2019IoT Based Smart RobotTiwari, Prakhar; Arya, Prashant; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2014Iris Recognition SystemVerma, Ankit; Kumar, Amit; Garg, Jatin; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2017Role of Transforms for Image DenoisingKapil, Aarushi; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]
2016To Compare Various Filters for Removal of Noise From ECG WaveGoyal, Anshul; Choudhary, Krishan; Chitransh, Arpit; Garg, Pardeep [Guided by]