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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Bioconversion of Lignocellulosic Solid Wastes of a Herbal Processing Industry to Commercially Valuable ProductsKumari, Mamta; Chauhan, R.S. [Guided by]
2007Comparative Genomics of Bacillus SpeciesAgarwal, Parul; Kesarawani, Neha; Chauhan, R.S. [Guided by]
2009Development of a Cell Culture Technology for Rapid Multiplication and Production of a Medicinal Compound , Picroside-1 in an Endangered Herb, Picrorhiza kurroa Royle ex BenthSood, Hemant; Chauhan, R.S. [Guided by]
2007Development of a Pattern Matching Tool for Detecting Inorganic Co-Transporter Families in PlantsMishra, Prerna; Gupta, Kuhu; Chauhan, R.S. [Guided by]
2011Development of Genome Resources and Their Utiiization in Jatropha Through Comparative Genomics with Castor BeanSharma, Arti; Chauhan, R.S. [Guided by]
2016DNA Fingerprinting of Stripe Rust Pathotypes of Wheat with SSR MarkersSaharan, Anurag; Chauhan, R.S. [Guided by]
2017Expression Analysis of Key Genes in Shoot Cultures of Swertia Chirayita Fed With Different Precursors in VitroSingh, Prateeksha; Chauhan, R.S. [Guided by]
2007Identification of Castor Bean Genome Sequences Corresponding to Fatty Acid Biosynthesis GenesJaiswal, Reetesh Chandra; Singh, Samip; Chauhan, R.S. [Guided by]
2011Mining Bacterial Strains from a Rock Salt Mine for Halotolerance Genes and EnzymesAnwar, Tamanna; Chauhan, R.S. [Guided by]
2007Promoter Prediction Program for Plant DNA using Hidden Markov ModelKanth, Ashwini; Chauhan, R.S. [Guided by]
2017Unraveling Molecular Biology of Aconites Biosynthesis in a Value Medicinal Herbs Aconitum Heterophyllum WallMalhotra, Nikhil; Chauhan, R.S. [Guided by]; Sood, Hemant [Guided by]