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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Recent Trends in Image and Signal Processing in Computer VisionJain, Shruti; Paul, Sudip
2016Regression analysis on different mitogenic pathwaysJain, Shruti
2017Regression modeling of different proteins using linear and multiple analysisJain, Shruti
2015A review on piezoelectric material as a source of generating electricity and its possibility to fabricate devices for daily uses of army personnelMishra, Ritendra; Jain, Shruti
2022Robust multimodal fusion network employing novel Empirical Riglit Wavelet Transform for brain imagesJamwal, Anupama; Jain, Shruti
2021Signal Processing, Computing and ControlRajiv Kumar; Jain, Shruti; Sohal, Harsh
2017Signal Processing, Computing and ControlSood, Meenakshi; Jain, Shruti
2021Smart Computational Intelligence in Biomedical and Health InformaticsManocha, Amit Kumar; Singh, Mandeep; Jain, Shruti; Jain, Vishal
2021Soft Computing for Intelligent Systems(Algorithms for Intelligent Systems)Maraiwalla, Nikihil; Tripathi, C.C.; Mathapathi, Shivakumar; Jain, Shruti
2019Standard Multiple Regression Analysis Model for Cell Survival/ Death Decision of JNK Protein Using HT-29 Carcinoma CellsJain, Shruti; Chauhan, D.S.
2019SVM Classification of Cell Survival/Apoptotic Death for Color Texture Images of Survival Receptor ProteinsJain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi
2016SVM-Based Characterization of Focal Kidney Lesions from B-Mode Ultrasound Images.Rana, Shailja; Jain, Shruti; Virmani, Jitendra
2011Synthetic Biology : Towards Digital CircuitJain, Shruti
2010A System Model for Cell Death Survival Using Spice and Ladder LogicJain, Shruti; Naik, P.K.; Bhooshan, Sunil V.
2021Transfer learning based robust automatic detection system for diabetic retinopathy gradingBhardwaj, Charu; Jain, Shruti; Sood, Meenakshi
2019UCM: A Novel Approach for Delay OptimizationSarma, Rajkumar; Bhargava, Cherry; Dhariwal, Sandeep; Jain, Shruti